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Brace the 3G milieu with ion’s new plethora of featuristic mobile phones

Manipal Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

The iON range of mobile phones is an innovative venture initiated by the pulsating tech-hub Manipal Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. MEPL sports a comprehensive product line of feature-rich mobile phones with the promise of innovation, quality & service.

iON mobiles are handy, trendy & sport a suave user friendly interface. Most of the iON phones come equipped with the *Dual SIM* feature, and are priced competitively when compared to other brands currently available in the Indian market. Each model caters to fulfill specific needs of diverse user segments both on GSM and CDMA platforms.

The iON series flaunt the latest MP3 & MP4 players for the extolled benefit of music lovers, and present an array of additional key features - Blue tooth/WAP/ GPRS/ SMS/ MMS. Each handset is uniquely designed and developed by the innovative team at the Company’s R&D set-up, Manipal, Karnataka, India.

“With the prerogative of providing mobile handsets that wield the power of technological finesse and are wallet-friendly, iON phones are chiseled keeping the plausible user needs in mind”,
attests Mr.
Gautham Pai, Managing Director of Manipal Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.